Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Palak Daal

I fell in love with Indian food while studying abroad in London and then fell in love with an (half) Indian man three years later. Consequently, we have quite the spice collection and eat Indian food on a fairly regular basis.

This particular recipe was from 101 Cookbooks and I tried it after my friend Amy told me about it. Husband and I weren't completely in love with it, but it was nutritious and filling, which counts for something. Mint chutney (I had some bottled stuff on hand) and naan (used frozen kind from the Indian grocery store) made it much better.

WARNING: This meal is - in the words of my good friend and fellow dietitian, Amy - a fiber bomb. She told me a story about how she fed it to her husband and he called her later from work to complain about his, uh, flatulence situation. So proceed with caution and maybe don't have it for lunch if you have a hot date that night.

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