Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vegetable Korma

I made this Vegetable Korma from on the suggestion of my friend Kirsten. While it's not really an authentic Indian dish, it's pretty tasty and a nice way to use up vegetables. I recommend cooking the potatoes a lot longer than the recipe calls for - like 20-30 minutes instead of just 10 minutes. I will also dice up the potato chunks smaller next time so they cook faster. Other modifications include subbing half-and-half for the heavy cream and using 8 oz tomato sauce instead of just 4 oz (where would one find a 4 oz can of tomato sauce?). I might up the curry powder or tweak the spices next time I make it, too. I served it over basmati rice. True fact: I thought I didn't like rice until I had basmati rice. So no serving it over plain old white rice; make it a basmati night. DO IT!

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  1. OMG! Seriously I thought the same thing. I thought rice was really blah and then a few weeks ago I tried basmati rice and had to have seconds because it was so tastey!